Friday, May 13, 2011

Win a "Your Family" Photo Session!

Ok Mamas out there.. Here it is! Do you consider yourself the Mamarazzi, always BEHIND the camera? M.I.A. when it comes to family photos? (I will be the first to admit that I turn away from the lens when pointed my way.) This is your chance to have yourself captured WITH your family in my casually perfect photography. I will freeze time and you will always be able to remember your kiddos at this moment…with little Legos, that you have stepped on so many times, favorite dolls with beautifully disheveled hair and the crazy family dog who runs away like mad thinking the camera will steal his soul! We can take a trip to the beach with a picnic basket full of goodies, bubble and beach towels that quickly transform any kids into superheroes! Or.. stay right at home, all piled on the couch or bed complete with pj’s and the infamous dog jumping out of the bed as the shutter is released! Mom’s you get the picture (no pun intended)… this is YOUR family shoot! Why not include your “favorite things”, let the kids be creative and this will be a session you will not soon forget. (My boys still talk about the lightsaber fight they we allowed to have in the middle of our shoot!) not to mention the cookies, Pez and spiral suckers! Excited? Creative juices flowing?

 Here’s how….
1. Visit “Jenny M Photos” on face book.
2. LIKE the page and then upload a family photo. It’s OK if you (mama) aren’t in it…I know why.
3. Write a little blurb about why you would like a “MY FAMILY” photo session.
4. Get your friends and family to LIKE, LIKE, LIKE it!!

The FIVE entries with the most likes by May 19, 9 pm will be the finalists and will be posted again for the final voting. Winner must be in a 60 mile travel radius.. or you are welcome to come to me and visit the “rivah”. Session must be booked by Nov 1, 2011. Now GO!!

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